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10 great ideas for small spaces



ideas for small spaces

With these tricks, the meters will not be an excuse. Apply them and you will gain space in your home.

Lack of space is often our daily bread in many homes. According to data from Ikea, the average area of ​​a home in Spain is 76-90 square meters. In cities, this size is even smaller, where apartments of just 40 square meters are not rare. However, more than a real handicap, it is a question of good design: in reality, there is no small space – at least not in absolute terms – but poorly organized. Using our imagination and the infinite range of solutions offered by the market, we can take advantage of the available meters and make our tiny apartment the height of spaciousness and comfort. Here are ten infallible keys to achieve it.

Synthesis exercise
As we just suggested, size is relative: there are 100-meter floors that look like a mousetrap because they are cluttered with things. The important thing is that space fulfills its function: to contain the objects that surround us and accompany us. Doing a synthesis exercise on what we really need to live well should be the starting point to achieve a comfortable space. It is an emotional issue, but with clear repercussions on design and architecture.

Balanced distribution
According to the Ylab study, in terms of spatial organization it is important to define logical strategies: establish priorities, giving more meters to the most relevant spaces, unify various uses in the same environment and plan the furniture from the beginning. The final distribution must be balanced and breathe. 

Furniture, few and large
When you have a small space, it is usually thought that, logically, it would be advisable to use furniture that is also small. Instead, what really needs to be reduced is the number and size of the furniture. Our brain is sensitive to distractions, and the more elements it perceives, even if they are small, the smaller space will seem. On the other hand, sufficiently large and continuous furniture that avoids visual noise –such as the sideboard in the image below, the same color as the wall– will give a feeling of greater space.

Modular or custom?
A priori, and although it is more expensive, the custom design seems the best solution to make the most of the available meters and achieve better integration of the furniture in the space, especially if it has a complicated geometry: sloping roofs, setbacks, closed corners … But in rooms with conventional shapes, the modular series offers a more economical and efficient alternative thanks to the flexibility that allows the combination of elements of different sizes.

Think vertically
Although we handle square meters, in reality, the space we occupy is three-dimensional, so it is time to get familiar with cubic meters. Double heights are a proven resource when the room has a sufficient height (minimum 3.5 m); For example, to create a mezzanine like the one in the image below, in which a bedroom can be located, a room where the minimum regulatory height of 2.5 m is not necessary.

Break down barriers
The suppression of internal partitions to unify spaces operates in a double sense: on the one hand, it helps natural light to reach every corner; on the other, it eliminates dead zones and increases the sense of perspective, rare in small spaces. And when it comes to zoning, there are soft solutions, such as the piece that separates the living room from the bedroom in the opening image of the article that does not detract from the diaphanous character of a space.

The multiplying power of natural light
The feeling of spaciousness is directly related to natural light. The fewer walls and more windows, the better. The materials are also powerful amplifiers of light, so avoiding dark finishes is essential so that the decoration works in our favor and gives us more light.

Illuminate with success
Like natural light, artificial lighting plays a fundamental role in the perception of the dimensions of a space. A bad lighting project can ruin the best distribution by generating shadow areas or creating “flat” lighting that eliminates the sensation of volumetry. As a general rule, the lights that are projected from the ceiling raise the gaze upwards, which provides a feeling of height. As for the lamps, if the lack of meters is pressing, it is best to forget about the floor-standing models and bet on spotlights, ceiling lights, wall lights, and table lamps.

Color changes everything
There are colors that multiply the amplitude effect of natural light. First, obviously, white, followed by neutral tones such as creams, tan, gray, or beige. Color in painting is also a tool to play with the depth and perspective of space. To make an elongated room appear more square, it is recommended to paint the back wall in a warm color, while painting the ceiling in a lighter color than the walls will make the room appear taller.

Flexibility above all
A small space requires thinking differently. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to fit a standard home on a 40-meter floor. For this reason, architects and interior designers are increasingly betting on original solutions, especially moving parts such as walls and retractable furniture to overlap functions in the same space.

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Rectifying is wise: 9 decorating mistakes you will never make again




decorating mistakes

Managing orders, not being carried away by impulses, and investing in natural materials are some of the keys to reducing the margin for error.

In a matter of sizes, it is as bad to go overboard as it is to fall short. For this reason, the decorative elements must be proportional to their surroundings: a two-seater sofa in a huge space is as out of place as a chaise longue in a small space.

But this is just one example. There is more:
The aesthetic is important, but if you do not consider the practical side it will become a hindrance. Before you go shopping, be clear about what you need (many drawers, a shallow piece of furniture, something tall and narrow …) and your budget. And above all, check its quality and the guarantees of use.

At the level of prints, you can mix flowers, stripes, and polka dots as long as they share a base color. If you like, use them in small doses, on a cushion, or a plaid. The rest of the fabrics better to be smooth and always embellished. And remember that excess can turn into noise.

Keep reading the definitive list of the most common mistakes.
A sensible choice
No matter how attractive a piece of furniture may be in a store or in a catalog, the decision has to be considered taking into account both the aesthetics of the rest of the elements with which it will coexist and the measurements of the space. Acquiring furniture impulsively can give us some unpleasant surprises.

Whole idea
You have to be a master of decoration to combine different styles without causing a headache. Therefore, the ideal is not to risk it and to consider the whole house as a set in which elements such as the carpentry, the floors, and even the color range generate a homogeneous style.

The colors of space
Although a priori it does not seem like it, cold colors like blues and greens absorb light. That is why they are only recommended in rooms with large windows and without space problems. For small rooms, light tones are preferable and better that they tend towards yellow or brown.

Synthetic Fabrics
Nylon or polyester fabrics wrinkle less and are easier to clean, but their tactile sensation is worse than that of natural fabrics (linen, cotton, hemp …), without forgetting their effect on health (they generate more electrostatic charges). Make sure that the synthetic percentage does not exceed 10%.

The order is basic
It is just as important to have a good closet as it is to equip it correctly inside to have everything in order. An example: if you have many pants, install a pants rack. If you keep a lot of hanging clothes you should have two bars, one high and one low.

The importance of light
Lighting and decoration go hand in hand, so it is essential that they are raised in parallel to avoid major problems. For example, designing a reading area or a support luminaire without taking into account the plugs may imply the need for extensions, regattas, and cables in between.

Without fear of emptiness
The photos, the memories, the auxiliaries, and everything that always finds a hole is fine, but in the right measure. Remember that your home is not an exhibition hall and you don’t have to show everything. Simplify the decoration and do not fear empty spaces; you’ll feel better.

Natural is always better
Nobody forces you to have plants, but if you decide to have them, reject the artificial ones, and opt for the natural ones. They are pure beauty, they clean the air and they smell good. The plastic ones are ugly, they accumulate dust and if they get direct sun, being made of plastic, they will degrade.

Light channels
Natural light transforms spaces, as long as we don’t put obstacles in it. The curtains, better of light colors and woven. Arrange the furniture so that it does not cover the windows and use bright tones; but beware of chrome, which can dazzle you if they receive direct light.

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How to get quality Twitter followers




Twitter followers

Do you want to know how to get followers on Twitter? We give you some very useful tips and tricks to get high-quality twitter followers.

When we create a Twitter account, the first thing we want to find is an audience so that our tweets have followers and read our content, at the same time that we begin to follow Twitter accounts that interest us.

In another post, we already talked about how to gain followers on Instagram, now we will talk about the tricks and tips that work to get directly buy twitter followers, or let’s see how to get followers on Twitter (step by step).

Optimize your Twitter profile as much as possible

First, we must define what we want our “niche” to be and create an attractive and attractive profile. Then we will have to define the public we want to target, establishing what we know as “niches”, that is, content where we can have an opportunity to succeed and get followers quickly and also qualified. In this case, we must develop a profile to get followers on Twitter that is attractive, original, that attracts attention and that creates a first positive impact, so that they look at our account and follow us.

There are many topics that we can talk about, according to our main interests. For example, if we want to get Twitter followers on literary topics, we must bear in mind that it is a broad and unfathomable topic, so we must look for a thematic niche, a certain and specific matter that may interest followers who have the world as a hobby. of literature, so we will look for specific content in any of the literary genres that we like and that we know of. If our content is of quality, we will soon have followers.

On the other hand, and to get followers on Twitter, we must create an attractive profile, with good, interesting content, and some images that attract attention and make us special. A suggestive presentation is always a good claim for other users to notice us, and if they like our profile, start following us.

Stay active on Twitter

Tweet and retweet very frequently, and interact with users. In this type of network, to get followers on Twitter, we must be very active. It is a fast social network in which “small pieces” of realities are captured, and you have to be quick, put short and attractive content and retweet those that are of interest to you, to generate followers. It is important to tweet very often and from the beginning, although when we start nobody will read us, because it is about planting and harvesting little by little, showing activity. If we create an account and we are not active, nobody will read us and they will not notice us.

Interacting is, therefore, essential to get followers, putting comments, giving likes or retweeting what we liked or caught our attention, or marking some Twitter accounts as favorites.

Take advantage of the best times to tweet 

It is a topic of great importance, especially when we are tweeting that we are starting on this social network we want to get followers on Twitter: the best times to tweet. There are different time zones in which we can investigate to see in which the topic or topics that we want to highlight in our own profile are discussed. The most popular are usually those that go from 8 to 9 in the morning, from 3 to 4 in the afternoon, and from 11 to 12 at night, making it a very optimal time to tweet and retweet, although on many occasions We can find something that really interests us outside those hours, and we can retweet it or make comments because this action can also report followers.

Use hashtags to get followers on Twitter

Hashtags are used to mark keywords or phrases in a tweet and categorize messages. In this way, it is made easier for other users to search by topics of interest or relevance. This searchability can help us get more followers on Twitter because it is possible that more people find our tweets through the hashtags that interest them and that they are looking for.

It is also important that we look at the popular hastags and make them our own when it comes to tweeting, so we already have a way to go, to get more followers on Twitter. Using popular and well-known hatstags will give us a greater probability that our tweets will be seen by more people, and will probably increase the number of followers of our account.

If we really have an interest in getting more followers on Twitter, the cardinal points will be basically these: have a complete and attractive profile, publish content that is original, suggestive and of quality, show ourselves highly active and tweet daily at times that interest us, and use hashtags as search engines, so that they find us more easily, in addition to looking for a niche that generates the interest of other tweeters related to our profile, opinions, and content.

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