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3 Trends That Will Change the Future of Video Games



VR Gmae

Currently, the video game industry is one of the largest that exists. The number of sales of these organizations is very large and most of the people in the world have played some games on Xbox or PS4, and the industry does not seem to stop at anything.

That’s why many trends have appeared over the years, these trends have been set up around a business model quite tractive for many users. Nowadays the lists of benefits that these video games have is increasing, this increases the profits. Here are some trends in the world of video games.

There is some fear that video game technology, when it comes to the graphical display, is close to reaching the peak of evolution. Today there are images of games that surround this type of evolution. For this reason, technologies such as virtual reality (VR) have begun to reappear in the gaming industry as an alternative, where tagging devices such as the Oculus Rift or the Sony Morpheus project are becoming the path that could take much of the time. The environment in the industry of video games. This evolution will be long-term.

The fact of being able to enter a game is undoubtedly something that every gamer hopes to try one day, since virtual reality games offer a different and completely new experience, As part of this phenomenon, we could also include augmented reality (AR), with which the user’s gaming experience is enhanced with additional data through a digital overlay that runs in real-time. 

Cloud games
Thanks to Internet connections are increasingly faster, the philosophy of computing in the cloud has started to gain momentum in the industry of video games.   

The game in the cloud, or play in the cloud, is one way of playing that allows the user to interact in online via your PC or device mobile, while the game is running on the server of the company developer and transmitted directly to devices that have access to that server, this does through the app.

This allows access to games with no need for powerful devices so that the capacity of processing that should be the user on your device does not have to be so high, and the server company is the system that runs the game with all the needs of processing that are required.       

Security and mobile devices
with the rise of the mobile device market, such as smartphones and tablets, the console battle between the major brands (Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo) has intensified, in a race to create an attractive secondary gaming device for gamers. A practical example is first-person games, which in this second-screen scenario allow access to other additional screens without losing this point of view.

It is an additional tool that allows gamers to complement the gaming experience provided by Xbox consoles, turning devices such as smartphones or tablets into new game controllers, as well as adding more security to personal accounts.

With these new trends, the future of video games is practically assured. There will be new technologies to help keep the industry constantly growing and new titles and types of virtual security will also be achieved to support players and their accounts.

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Everything you need to know to play safely online




play safely online

Internet security is a fundamental aspect of all the uses we make of it. As we know, we have at our disposal a wide range of possibilities. We can be in contact with friends and family through social networks, look for information of all kinds, make purchases … We can also play online with anyone else in the world. There are many options we have for this, but we must bear in mind that privacy and security must be maintained. For this reason, we are going to give some tips to play online safely and avoid problems that compromise our system.

Recommendations for safe online gaming

There are many types of malware on the web. Many threats that can put the proper functioning of our equipment at risk. It does not matter if we are going to play online from the mobile, computer or console. It is important to take into account a series of recommendations to avoid problems that affect the performance of our equipment.

Always download from official sources

The first and most important thing is to take care of the source from which we download the games. As we know, it is possible to download the games from the page of the platform itself. Also from different third party sites. This applies to both mobile devices and desktops or consoles.

It is important that we always download them from official sources. In this way, we make sure that we are actually using legitimate software and that it has not been maliciously modified.

Having programs downloaded from third-party sites on our devices can add adware and other security problems. This point is important.

Beware of the pages

You also have to be careful with online game pages. Sometimes links may appear that lead us to third-party sites or supposed additional tools. We must always ensure that the links we access are legitimate and that it is not a hoax.

To do this, we must take a good look at the pages we are on. Buy that the navigation is encrypted and never give personal data beyond what is necessary.

Keeping equipment updated

Of course, our teams have to be updated to the latest version. Sometimes vulnerabilities can emerge that are exploited by cybercriminals to deploy threats. In this sense, it is vital to have the latest patches.

This is something that must be applied to our mobile devices, computers, or consoles. Updates may be available for all of them at any given time. It is convenient to check it frequently and thus always have the latest patches installed.

Of course, updates must always be done from official sites. We would be in the same case as the download of the game itself.

Use security tools

Security programs and tools cannot be missing. Playing online from your mobile or from your computer can expose us to different types of dangers. It is important to have a firewall that protects us from possible intruders who want to access our network or system. Also, have a good antivirus that analyzes our system and blocks the entry of malware.

Downloading cheats, a danger

This is something to be very careful with. It is true that sometimes we can come across the possibility of downloading certain improvements or tricks for the games. They offer added options that can add value to the way we play. However, this can present a significant danger.

It is important that if we decide to download some kind of trick or additional tool that we always do it from sites that are totally safe and reliable. Avoid pages that are not encrypted and do not inspire trust.

Be careful with the data we give

This is geared towards our privacy. When we play online we can leak personal information that puts us at risk online. Avoid giving more information than is strictly necessary. It is very important that when playing and being in possible open forums we do not give information related to our email account, phone number, etc. They could be used to later send spam or suffer some kind of attack.

Therefore, our recommendation when playing online is to be careful with our data. We can always play more anonymously if we register from disposable email accounts or we use fictitious names.

In short, these are some basic tips and recommendations to maintain security when we go to play online. A series of guidelines that must be put into practice to prevent our data from being leaked and the proper functioning of our equipment from being compromised.

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How to choose a gaming PC?




gaming PC

PC games need a lot of computational power or what is the same expensive equipment. This does not happen with other types of programs such as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint or your preferred Internet browser that will work properly without requiring a large outlay.

In addition, each new generation of these programs usually requires a renewal of at least certain parts of your equipment. In short, the ideal setting for manufacturers and a nightmare for buyers.

You have to assume that no matter the money you invest, in about three years at most your PC will be, at least in the part related to these programs, outdated. This does not mean that everything is lost. I have written a series of rules that I hope can help you in the search for your new gaming PC:

Is a console really not enough for you?
A game console is several times cheaper than a computer. Also, you don’t have the problem of updates every time a new game comes out. It is a very serious alternative if you are only going to use the equipment for this.

Always keep a fixed maximum budget in mind
The only way not to overspend is to have a maximum startup budget. In this way, you will not get carried away by market trends.

Never buy the latest model
It is the easiest way to throw money away. You have to keep in mind that manufacturers divide the market into several segments. The highest is designed for users who do not care how much they are going to spend and it does not have to be the right one for you.

Be aware of peripherals
Good speakers and perhaps a joystick should never be missing.

Decide on which platform you are going to mount your team
By choosing the manufacturer of the processor, Intel or AMD, you are limiting your possibilities of expansion. Even once a certain motherboard has been selected, it can be used for some microphones and not for others. This will, therefore, be the decision that should take you the longest.

Be very careful with the processor
choosing the processor is important. Although almost any modern micro is capable of moving a game without problems, you must think that not all programs are the same. For example, strategy games will require more powerful mics and not such advanced graphics cards.

Don’t forget the minimum requirements to play
each game has minimum requirement for both processor, graphics card, and memory. Check them on the manufacturer’s website before buying anything.

Renew your graphics card when you need it
The best thing, if you are an avid gamer is to renew the graphics card almost every year. This device is key when it comes to PC gaming. Don’t forget to check that it uses the latest standards such as Direct X or Pixel Shadier. If you buy one that doesn’t support them, you simply won’t be able to play the games that need them.

More information about this item in what graphics card to buy?

The more RAM the better
The RAM is one of the most important elements of your system, never forget. If it runs out of it and has to make use of virtual memory, you will see how you have problems handling both games and programs fluently. The most common symptom is that your computer hangs and skips.

If this happens, which is a nuisance in normal applications, it is lethal for these programs as it makes them unplayable.

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How to choose the best gaming computer




gaming computer

Video games have not stopped evolving in recent years in different aspects, but the most significant revolution is found in their graphics. To fully enjoy all the details, we must choose a computer to match.

What does our computer need to play
Today the player may have to control more than a dozen characters at the same time in a multiplayer game of ‘League Of Legend’, ‘World Of Warcraft’, ‘Call Of Duty’ or ‘StarCraft 2 ‘. The environments have become more realistic, especially in games in which speed is one of the most prominent aspects, such as the case of ‘Need for Speed’, ‘Project Cars’, and the ‘F1’ or ‘Moto GP ‘ sagas. Some people opt for consoles to enjoy these experiences, although there are titles that are only available for computers.

Therefore, we must look carefully at the characteristics of our computer to be able to enjoy these games at full capacity. A bad choice in issues such as the graphics card, the processor, the RAM, the motherboard, the heatsink, or the power supply can make our game jump, we do not fully enjoy the graphics or the processor stays stuck due to graphics loading or overheating. In all the games they already offer us information on the minimum and recommended requirements that we must have mounted on our PCs.

Here are some guidelines for most gamers:
Laptop or desktop computer
? One of the first recommendations is that we opt for a desktop computer since we can assemble the different necessary components to our liking, change them in a simple way if necessary and expand features just by loosening a couple of screws. In the case of laptops, it is not so simple since the compatibility and the physical space to add extensions are quite scarce. That does not mean that there are laptops capable of running the most complex games without problems.

Graphics card: Like almost everything in life, the choice of computer will be determined by our budget. You never know if we are going to have plenty of RAM, graphics card or processor because games increasingly require more features, but we do have to start from certain minimums. One of the most important elements is the graphics card, which is responsible for ‘moving’ the graphics of the game. In this sector, Nvidia and AMD are competing for the market. Nvidia is the most recognized by many experts at the level of ‘hardware’ and ‘software’, although its price is somewhat higher than the AMD. There are dozens of different models of each brand and each one with different features so it is difficult to recommend one. The ideal would be to look for one that has at least 4 GB and investigate in specialized forums about its features and value for money. Keep in mind that the graphics card is going to take a quarter of the budget of your new computer, so do not be too scared by the prices.

Processor: There are also two brands that dominate almost the entire market: Intel and AMD. Intel has different models of processors, from Pentium to Core i3, i5, and i7. The recommendation is to start with high-end i5 or i7 models and see if they offer the possibility of ‘overclocking’ so that we can manually increase its speed. Intel is generally more expensive, but have better performance than the rest and occupy the first positions in terms of performance in almost all comparisons. In the case of AMD, our choice should start with processors from the FX-8000 or FX-9000 family.

Motherboard: Make sure that the motherboard is compatible with the processor and graphics card. If the computer is already mounted, we must look at the number of sockets available for RAM and how many are free. Ideally, motherboards that can support up to 16 gigabytes of RAM in four sockets of 4 gigabytes each. Surely with 8 gigabytes of memory, it will reach us, but for the future, it is not a bad thing to leave a gap. And that the eight gigabytes are on tablets of four because if they are two gigabytes they will occupy the four sockets and we will be back to the way we started.

The RAM memory should have the DDR3 1600 Mhz specification that guarantees us a more than acceptable access speed. Kingston and G.Skill are some of the most recognized RAM memory manufacturers. In addition, the motherboard should allow us to place a better sound card or different ventilation systems. Some of the main motherboard brands are ASRock, ASUS, Gigabyte, or MSI.

Heatsink: Another particularly important component of the computer is the heatsink or fan that cools the interior of the computer and especially the processor, the hard disk, and the graphics card. When we talk about games with good graphics, the performance of these parts of the computer will be maximum. Good ventilation also requires ample space for hot air to circulate and escape. So it is especially important that the tower or box that houses our equipment has enough slits for hot air to escape and that these are not covered or blocked.

One of the latest trends is liquid cooling. It is a system of fine tubes through which a cold fluid passes, which can be water or a mixture of liquids. These tubes circulate through the hottest parts of the system and cool it much better than any fan or heatsink. The liquid is stored in small tanks that have pumps to circulate it and a radiator to cool it.

What other aspects to consider
More issues to consider are that the tower or CPU is large and spacious to install the motherboard, hard drives, or heatsinks that we want. The power source is also important. With both processor and graphics card at maximum performance and the heatsinks at full throttle, our computer can need up to 600 watts (w) of power. It is advisable to see if our source can achieve these benefits because, if not, we can melt it in a short time.

Among the most important features is storage. If speed is your thing, don’t rule out getting an SSD storage disk (Solid-State Drive or Solid State Drive). They are devices that use flash memory to store data instead of the plates or magnetic disks of conventional hard disk drives (HDD). This memory is much faster to access than HDD, so games will run faster. It is advisable to have two storage systems in our computers: an SSD to install the games and the operating system and a hard disk HDD for the rest of the tasks.

A quality HDD should have a minimum specification of SATA3 at 7200 rpm (revolutions per minute). The best-known brands of HDD are Seagate, Toshiba, or Western Digital. In SSD the references are Samsung Crucial, SanDisk, and Kingston.

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