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5 Google tools to choose the best keywords



Google tools keywords

Keyword research has become increasingly difficult as Google continues to hide more information from webmasters. If you are new to the world of SEO and online marketing, you may not remember a time when you could see every keyword that was driving traffic to your site through search engines and the amount of traffic that generated each keyword.

Unfortunately, more than 90% of that information is no longer provided.

The good news is that search engines are much smarter than they used to be and are able to understand the intent of what a user is looking for, without having to use “exact match” search results. Because of this, content publishers can focus more on the experience of their readers rather than stuffing keywords into the content in order to be found in search engines.

That said, using the right keywords on your website and in your content is still extremely important and can still be helpful in achieving higher search engine visibility.

Google tools to find keywords – keywords
Let’s explore some methods that are still available to webmasters and SEOs that can be extremely helpful in identifying the best keywords to optimize for content:

1- Google Auto-Fill
While you may be wondering how difficult Google is making your life by failing to provide valuable keyword data, there are still features like Google’s auto-fill feature that can help search engines complete your thoughts and at the same time provide valuable keywords for webmasters. Search engines often start by typing in a particular query only to end up choosing what Google auto-fills in the search box.

This is the best place to start your research, as you most likely want to know what type of content already exists on the topic you are developing. This is also a useful method for identifying long-tail keyword phrases that may be more difficult to identify in keyword planner tools. Who better to give you suggestions for keyword opportunities than Google?

2- Google Related Searches
Like the auto-fill feature, Google provides “related searches” at the bottom of most SERPs or “search engine results pages.” This should also be one of the first things you look at when starting keyword research.

Don’t be afraid to search for multiple keyword variations and keyword phrases. This is also a useful exercise to begin to understand how the search engine is thinking of certain words and which words are being associated with each other.

3- Google Adwords keyword planner
The Google Adwords keyword planner is where most webmasters begin their most in-depth research. You can start by searching for a new keyword of your choice.

This will show your average monthly searches, competition, and suggested bid for the keyword you typed in, as well as other suggested keywords and phrases. The number of alternative options usually depends on the popularity of the theme.

4- Google search console
There is a place where true webmasters live: Google Search Console. This is where the main queries that are being made are located, as well as the web pages that are obtained through searches.

You can find the top queries that have driven traffic to your site over the last three months with this tool. You can also see the content that has driven the most traffic to your site for the same amount of time.

5- Google Trends
Google Trends can be helpful in choosing the correct variation of a particular keyword. This tool will show the “general interest overtime” of a keyword and also includes a forecast for certain terms.

Interest over time is represented as a number between 0-100 at certain points over time. It reflects how many searches have been performed for a particular term relative to the total number of searches performed on Google over time. They do not represent absolute search volume numbers.

6- Google Analytics
While most of the keyword data found in the organic section of Google Analytics is tagged as (not provided), there is a section under “Acquisition “that contains 3 months of good data.

It is found under “Search Engine Optimization” → “Queries”. This information is similar to what you will find in Google Webmaster Tools. The benefit of viewing this data in Google Analytics versus Webmaster Tools is the improved ability to compare previous months of data, including impressions, clicks, and click-through rate.

Even with Google hiding most of its keyword data in Google Analytics, there are still many resources that Google offers (for free) that can be extremely helpful for webmasters and SEOs to identify relevant keywords to optimize their content.

Start by using these tools to help you identify useful topics and keywords, then create and share highly engaging content for your audience. Remember, if your content is not useful and shareable, it doesn’t matter how many keywords you can identify. The goal, above all else, is to drive traffic to your content and have others naturally share and link to it.

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The importance of the Landing Page in Google Ads




Landing Page in Google Ads

The Landing Page in Google Ads is one of the last links in the SEM chain of actions that we can optimize in our advertising campaigns. Once the user has clicked on one of our ads, they will reach a page whose composition and optimization is important to achieve our objectives.

What is a Landing Page or Landing Page?
The Landing Page is understood to be where we want to take the user after having captured their attention. In this place, the user will expect to obtain the promised information, either a series of articles if we are talking about an ecommerce, or the possibility of filling in a reservation or registration form, for example in the hotel sector.

With this, we are able to take the user to a phase of the sales funnel much closer to making a transaction. From now on the success of this happening is not so much in the hands of the SEM staff but in the quality of what is being offered and that the prices are competitive.

Landing Page as a Quality Score factor
The Quality Score in Google Ads is a score that Google gives to advertisers based on the quality with which their ads are made.

This score ranges from 1 to 10 and can be seen after campaigns have been running for a while. The relevance of the Keywords with respect to the published ads and in turn the relevance of the landing page with respect to these ads are evaluated.

The landing page, therefore, has to be relevant with respect to what is advertised, both the URL and the Keywords have to reflect the same theme as the advertisements. That the user is not surprised when arriving there and does not find what is implied in the ad, if so, this will be penalized by Google.

Thus, the landing page has to have a correct optimization at the SEO level and part of this has to offer a good user experience.

The higher our Quality Score, it will have a favorable effect on our campaigns by improving the position of our ads and reducing the economic amount used in bids, making our Cost per Click go down.

On the other hand, to know how related the landing page is for users, we can use the Bounce Percentage metric that we will obtain from Google Analytics. This metric will be of great help to us since if people once access it, it remains for a long time, it is correct in terms of design and relevance.

Goals of a Landing Page in Google Ads campaigns
Each Landing Page has to be designed for each objective, which will be different depending on the type of business and the phase of the sales funnel in which we are. If, for example, we are talking about an online store and an advanced phase, the objective has to be to achieve the sale.

If, on the other hand, we are in a less advanced phase, we may be interested in a registry to be able to send interesting information to our potential client and thus achieve a link with the company so that later we can lead to a more transactional objective.

  • Thus, we can distinguish several conversion objectives in a Landing Page:
    Records in form

In this case, what we are looking for is that the users leave us to contact once they have clicked on one of the ads so that later, for example, the commercial department can contact them to give them more information or solve their doubts. It is for example a service that we can find in a law firm.

We are not selling any product nor is it an e-commerce, here the client looks for more information with the possibility of later contracting a series of services.
Sale of products or services
It is the most used lens. If we are, for example, advertising a specific product or a category of products, we land on the landing of an e-commerce where all these types of products are sold.

Get Subscribers
Our goal, in this case, would be to get subscribers, for example, to offer them a newsletter and gradually strengthen this user so that they later end up becoming a customer.

Characteristics that a Landing Page should have
Descriptive and eye-catching title
The title is the first thing the user sees when reaching the destination page, so if it is descriptive and corresponds to what the user expects from this place, it will be of great help to continue browsing the web.

Logically, the more attractive and creative it is, the better, but without forgetting that it must be optimized in terms of keywords.

Describe the benefit that the user will obtain
Near the title, there should be some descriptive lines of the benefit that the user will obtain by clicking on the ad and reaching the landing page. It must be clear and informative information.

For example, if we are on a landing page for a category of devices for pc, this information should describe what types of devices we are going to find there and what qualities they have.

Attractive content
It is important that a motivation to purchase appears apart from the title and description. Providing the user with content that is attractive and encourages purchase is important as it will help them take this last step.

To achieve this motivation we will emphasize the following
Profits that the user will obtain

Here we refer to everything that the product or service that is being promoted is going to provide.
The value of the product and the competition

Here we will take into account all those aspects that make the product special, highlighting what you will find in it, unlike what you will find in the competition.

For the elaboration of this section we will have the possibility to make it long and developed, especially in the case of products that require a high cost, while if they are products of little economic value where the purchase can be more impulsive, we can do it in a way more summarized.

The option of replacing this text with a multimedia format is also a good option if you have the appropriate resources to carry it out.

Do not decentralize the user
The objective is not to alter the user’s concentration on what is important, that is, the information, the products, or the form, therefore actions such as the possibility of scrolling must be avoided and there are leaks of attention by the user in aspects that they are not relevant to the conversion.

Optimize the Form
The form has to work perfectly and be simple for the user. You don’t have to have a large number of fields to fill in to make life easy for our prospective client. How visually appealing it is will also play a role.

Do not mix objectives in the same Landing
That all the efforts that are being made in the ad and its corresponding landing page are aimed at achieving the same goal. If we mix the sale for example with the submission of a form, the only thing that we will achieve is to create confusion in the user.

The Landing Page is another factor to take into account when we carry out our SEM campaigns. If we have already managed to capture the attention of a user interested in what we are proposing in our ads, now we just have to get the last step and get to the Lead.

For this, it is essential to have the landing page well built. Designing one as closely as possible to the objective of our advertising campaigns will be the most advisable since we will have more possibilities of being able to achieve the user’s conversion and not create confusion once the person is accessed.

What is your experience with Landing Pages in your e-commerce? Tell us about your experience and if you have any questions, do not hesitate to write to us.

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How to attract customers to my online store




online store

Customers are, undoubtedly, the wise with which all business moves. Knowing how to attract clients can be one of the most complicated issues for new entrepreneurs, for that reason a large number of cases are known in which people prefer to resign than face the harsh tests offered by the business world.

However, customer acquisition is not wisdom reserved for a few of the holy grail of our environment. The truth is that there are strategies, advice, and knowledge that you can acquire, but all of them you will only get with time, work, and dedication.

In the same way that a well-optimized marketing strategy is important, just as crucial is conducting research on customer acquisition, the mistakes you may be making, or the steps to take to achieve your goals. In the following text, we will tell you about everything you need to know about this subject, with the complete confidence that you will put it into practice for the benefit of your business. In the comments, we look forward to your success stories. Cheer up!

Strategies to attract customers
there are a large number of means to sell your products. However, when a project is starting, one of the most complex issues is attracting customers to your business. This is essential, especially if you want to have a good profitability. Today’s markets are characterized by one thing: extremely voracious competition.

This forces us to use a large number of resources in order to attract customers to our business or to find the products we offer through the Internet. One of the advantages, even though we are immersed in a market where competition is fierce, is that we know the consumption habits of our potential customers, which are not static and are easily observable.

In the same way, that customer habits change, our strategies must vary, evolve as necessary so that people know about our services or products. Traditional media, in this sense, do not become a good option because they fail to capture the user’s attention, as they are considered invasive and really not very dynamic.

New consumers nowadays do not agree with the idea of ​​being forced to make purchases. On the contrary, what they want is to have all the options at their disposal and have the freedom to choose the products they want. Therefore, it is important that your strategies consider these questions.

Next, we will give you some strategies for your new clients to approach your business. Some of them, you can even start them up with a minimal investment. We hope you implement them and take forward what you have worked so hard for.

Know your potential customers
One of the strategies to attract customers that gives more results begins with knowing that there are people who do what you do will not be attracted to your products or services, so they do not fall into your priorities. However, there are other types of people who will be happy to buy all your merchandise, therefore it is essential that you identify them.

By knowing who your target audience is, you will have a better understanding of their needs, their problems, and how you can solve them. In the same way, you will be able to know how and where to find said users, and how to offer them what they require. Knowing all this information is ideal to adapt your products to what they are looking for.

Learn to communicate
Communication is an essential point to achieve good customer acquisition, especially when you want to publicize the value of what you offer. The above has nothing to do with the cost of the product, but with communicating what the product can offer beyond mere appearances, focusing on the real solutions that your customers will get.

By doing so, potential customers will see that you are prepared and an expert in what you are selling. Which positions you as an authority in the sector and will generate trust. Trust will be one of your most powerful weapons in the business world that is why it is important that you cultivate it, we assure you that you will not have a more valuable asset than that.

Create a blog
Many people believe that blogs are a thing of the past, a platform that had its time and now has a space reserved for oblivion. But the reality is very different. Blogs continue to be one of the most important media, both in business and personal.

If we focus on the business world, we will realize that this is a very interesting tool to establish communication with users about their preferences, the ways in which they prefer to receive orders, and many other issues that will enrich your company at levels that you would never have imagined.

Work on your design
Without a doubt, one of the best ways you can count on attracting new customers will be the image you project. It is very important that you take care of the balance that must exist between the promotions that you publicize, the appearance of your blog, that of your products, and, of course, that of your online store. Try that in each one of them there is a recognizable pattern, be it the letter you use, the color, the shapes, or any other question; in this way, your users will begin to associate these types of elements with your brand and thus your business will be much more recognizable.

Public frequently
One of the mistakes that many new businesses make, and which a lot of new customers miss out on, is not posting frequently. Therefore, we suggest that you create a calendar and have the discipline to follow it. It will consistently bear fruit in less time than you think. That way your customers will visit your site frequently in search of news.

A strategy that you can implement is to make a list of ideas, in it you will put the interests of your audience, it is important that you expand on it; That way you can gather the whole spectrum of possibilities and thus you will know how to keep interest awake and that your products or services will be acquired.

Show that you care
Your potential clients must realize how much you matter to him. In fact, this is something fundamental, since they are a key piece for your business. To achieve this objective, you can carry out all kinds of strategies, for example, offer a gift through your website, give free advice, offer promotions for being new customers, special discounts, etc.

You must understand that here we are referring to new customers, but under no circumstances should you forget the old ones. The latter are a great asset of your business, and for nothing in the world should you leave it behind in terms of promotions or gifts. The goal is to retain new people and keep what they already trust you, don’t forget that.

Consider the results
It is crucial to observe the results of the different strategies that you have implemented, in order to determine if the techniques you use are really working. If not, it will be essential that you start implementing certain kinds of changes. That way, you will know what your weaknesses are when implementing your strategies to attract new customers.

The first thing you can do is keep track of the publications most visited by your users, those that have captured their attention the most, which ones have been the least receptive, among many other issues, all of which will help you improve.

Issues that may be costing you attracting customers
Once you know some basic points and have answered the question, how do I attract customers to my online store? It seems important to us that you know some of the causes that may be intervening in attracting customers. Here we name some of them, in the hope that you avoid them and can achieve all your goals.

Move too fast
At this point, you should keep in mind the concept of “marketing funnel”, which tells us that the purchase process works like a funnel. What characterizes it is that it begins broadly and ends narrower and narrower. Therefore, we can understand that if at the beginning we have many interested in a product, in the end, we will end up with few.

This is not something that occurs only in online businesses, so you must be very careful about it. Some people will only be interested in your products or services momentarily, so it is important to remain calm and wait until the funnel narrows and you know that these people are real potential customers. Remember, all that remains is fatigue.

Not invest
If you are looking to attract new customers and keep the ones you already have, you should definitely invest in your business. If you launch your business without considering any type of investment, you are falling into one of the most common mistakes in the business world. You must invest in marketing, products, courses, services.

Keep in mind that investing will be one of the best ways to grow. You may not have a large budget or a lot of time to offer when you are starting, this is normal. However, this is where organization and planning come in. The first of them will allow you to focus well on the time you have, and the second will help you to put together a plan to choose your investments in a conscious way so that you do not make a blind choice.

As you can see, be it one way or another, you will have to invest. Don’t be afraid to give a little more to help your business grow. Believe us that your clients, both new and old, will notice your investments, and that way you can retain them, ensuring your long-term success.

Customers are, without a doubt, the lifeblood of your business. For that reason, when it comes to attracting him, you must put yourself in his shoes. Remember that they are people and should be treated as such. Don’t be afraid to take risks, don’t be afraid to make mistakes. On the way of business, you will suffer a lot of setbacks, but those will be lessons that will make you a great entrepreneur.

In the previous text we have given you some keys for your business to attract a client, but not only that. Our goal is to ensure that those people stay with you, form a relationship with the brand, and make it part of their lives. In this way, the future and the success of your company will be assured.

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The best SEO tools to boost your website




SEO tools

The development of the Internet has made it possible for many businesses to be empowered through their presence on the web. One of the ways to be seen by potential customers is to get the top positions in search engines.

The importance of know the best SEO tools to enhance your website. Affiliation stores, service companies, private advisors, and even loving counselors want to optimize the SEO of your website. Apart from the technical knowledge necessary to implement good SEO practices, there are utilities that can help you. Continue reading until the end so you can see in detail the 7 best SEO tools to boost your website.

What is SEO and how does it benefit my website?

Before teaching you the tools with which you can improve the SEO of your site, it is necessary to talk about this term. When referring to SEO we are mentioning the acronym in English of “Search Engine Optimization”. This translates as Search Engine Optimization.

And that’s what it is about, that a website is optimal and attractive to search engines in certain searches. Keywords play an important role in SEO and web positioning metrics.

In addition, other variables such as loading speed, and inbound and outbound web links make a difference. In this sense, there are different tools that help you boost your website.

Keyword Tool
Finding variants of keywords for the niches we address is very useful for beating the competition. You can achieve wonders around SEO if we discover other semantic search options for a given topic.

To achieve this, Keyword Tool is one of the most effective alternatives.
How does Keyword Tool work? You just have to enter their official website and choose the source of semantic variants for a keyword. This tool allows you to choose between the following sources:
• Google
• YouTube
• Bing
• Amazon
• eBay
• App Store
• Instagram
You must place a main keyword for which you want to generate more keywords. Instantly a list of alternative keywords to this one is generated, in order of greatest to least amount of searches. With these new keywords, you can enrich your texts and labels to achieve a better positioning of your website.

If you are looking for a complete tool, with all SEO functions in one place, Serpstat is the solution. This great utility is an SEO package with a variety of applications to enhance your website. Let’s look at some of the most interesting functions:

Website analysis
Through this function, you can obtain a complete study of your website based on different variables that affect SEO. First, the keywords by which your website has positioned itself in the top 100 of Google are shown.

You can also see the search volume and the cost per click in the Ads campaigns. You can also see the successful distribution of the different pages that your website has.

This diagnosis also shows the competitors that are in the top 100 for the same keywords that you are positioned.

Keyword analysis
In this utility, you can see the variants of keywords for different terms entered. Also the difficulty of positioning your search and related searches.

You will find a list of websites with the best organic positioning for this search. This information is reflected in list form and in graphic mode for better analysis and understanding.

Backlinks Analysis
In this section, you can find the links that both you and your competition have been managing. This function is very appropriate to look at the links that the competition has solidified. This way you will know what kind of links you should look for to improve the SEO of your website.

It also shows a list of lost links and the date of their disappearance.

Content Marketing
If you want to see the most searched questions by users in search engines, you can do so in this section. It is enough to enter the keyword you want to study, choose the country and in a few seconds, you will be able to observe the report containing the analyzed keyword.

Answer the Public
If we keep talking about the questions people ask in search engines, I would like to highlight the Answerthepublic tool.

Adding a word to the search bar will show you various results in the form of:
• Questions.
• Propositions
• Comparisons
Reports can be viewed in round charts, as well as in listings. And of course, you can take advantage of the option to save the entire file in CSV and work with the data in a calculation table.

This tool is essential if you have the task of creating articles for the blog, and you are looking for an idea for your content. Answering the questions and answering the questions of Internet users is the best thing you can do for your potential clients and your blog readers. And with this tool, you will know what questions are asked!

If it’s about getting keywords, Kwfinder is another tool that can be very useful. It incorporates an extraordinary function such as the possibility of seeing the exact volume of searches. Although many other tools show it, this seems to be, according to various analyzes, the most successful one.

This tool is Multi-Language, which greatly facilitates SEO work depending on your region or native language.

In case you are looking for a specialized tool in backlinks, Ahrefs is a great alternative. This tool studies in depth the links that one or more web pages may be receiving. It is also responsible for comparing several websites and determining the best strategy to create links to your project.

What attracts most are its precise statistics. They include:

  • Current links.
  • Loss of links.
  • Dofollow and nofollow links.
  • Percentage distribution by geolocated domains.
  • Anchor words.

Another of the functions that Ahrefs incorporates in a striking and useful way are the link fins. You will be notified when one of your websites or those of the competition receive a new effective link.

Similar Web
If you need to measure the traffic of a web page, a Similar Web is a perfect tool for this.
By entering the domain in your search bar, it offers you the following information:

  • The total number of visits according to the previous month.
  • Traffic evolution of the last 6 months.
  • Traffic by countries, to see from which countries people are reading us.
  • Where does the traffic come from (organic or paid results, social networks, videos on YouTube, etc.).

I like to use the extension of this tool, which I think is very comfortable when doing a quick and efficient analysis of a web page or a blog.

Google Search Console
Google Search Console is the most complete free tool in terms of analyzing a website’s metrics. You can access it through your Google account and add the websites you want to monitor.
For Google to recognize the website as your property, you will always be asked to place a code in the header of your page.

This tool will keep you updated and aware of the following information:

  • Important news: Eventually you can receive news related to a Google penalty or a technical problem. This will be done through your Google email, and you will be told the origin of the problems. You will also be shown options to solve them.

  • Sitemap management: Google Search Console is responsible for facilitating the tracking of your website through the sitemaps. To do this you must enter your sitemap and that Google takes into account the indexing of the different pages of your website.

  • Tracking Errors: It offers you a complete report of possible errors or tracking errors present on your website.

  • Search analysis: It is very useful to know why keywords people are finding our website on Google. This function allows you that and also tells you the percentage of CTR you have
    obtained for those searches individually.

So far our guide on the 7 best SEO tools to boost your website. It is advisable to use the one that best suits your needs, or combine the potential of several of them to achieve exceptional results. Try them and tell us your experience, if you liked the post, share it on your social networks!

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