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How to optimize your app on Google Play and App Store



App Store

Creating an APP is getting easier, but perhaps what costs developers the most is improving their positioning.

ASO or positioning for app stores does not differ much from search engine optimization (SEO). The main objective is to increase the number of organic downloads of an application, based on its visibility in rankings and on how the APP is visually presented to users.

As with SEO, we must take into account the end-user, and how they might find the APP. Likewise, we must optimize the contents that define the APP in detail, in order to facilitate the task of the search engine and the store at the same time that the user can better understand the content of the application and discover how necessary it is for their day to day.

How many types of ASO are there?
There are basically three types of ASO, search, rankings or top charts and conversion.

The first is obviously the most similar to SEO, since what you really want is to position yourself in a search engine, in this case a very specific one: the application store search engine.

The ASO oriented to Rankings and Top Charts is similar to the previous one, but the strategies may vary since the objective is to position yourself in lists, rankings, or top charts to gain visibility based on popularity or interests.

The conversion ASO, as its name suggests, is intended to capture the attention and interest of the user to get the APP to be downloaded and installed on their device.

How to optimize the APP for app stores
Below we will list the various factors that we must take care of to position our APP in the different stores. We can take the following tips into account as a checklist to make sure we don’t leave any details unattended.

The description
The description field is important to take care of both for the positioning ASO and for the conversion ASO. In Apple, the description does not position in the search engine, but it is important to take care of it equally since users also need the information in this field to better understand the usefulness of the application.

In the case of Apple, it is convenient to focus on describing the first three lines very well, since they will be the ones that the user can see at a glance without clicking the “more” button to see all the information.

On Google Play, we have two descriptions, one short and one as long as Apple’s (4,000 characters). In this case, both are important for positioning and we will take advantage of both to include our keywords. Of course, also trying to describe the application well for users, as we did with Apple. It is fine for the user to find us in their searches, but they have to be able to know what the application is for and how it can help.

When building the description of our APP we must avoid very common mistakes such as Keyword Stuffing since, in addition to being penalized by the stores, it is very frowned upon by users.

We must also avoid excessively technical descriptions, lying, or saying half-truths and of course, we must take care of our spelling. Sloppy spelling or glaring grammar mistakes give a very sloppy feel that can easily be associated with the app.

Some recommendations about the description:
We will include the keywords, but we will do it in the most natural way possible, describing the benefits and functionalities of the app. If we have received awards or we have good feedback from users, it should also be included as it will help build trust on the part of users.

We will take care of our spelling and grammar and address our target audience directly. If our app is for young children, we will go directly to Parents and Children, and not to executives or professionals.

The screenshots should help the user to get a global idea of ​​the operation and main functionalities of the App. The best advice that can be given in this case is that the images complement the description (and vice versa), so that the user can understand easily what you are seeing. The images have to inform and not only show how “beautiful” the APP has been.

APP type and category
It is easier for the search engine to define what type of APP we are offering to users and the same happens with the category. The type of app is usually unique, for example in Google it would be either a Game or an application. While in the case of categories, our app can belong to a single category or to several, we must choose those that best fit.

Demo on YouTube
Google Play offers us the possibility of linking a video on YouTube that explains the operation of the application as a demonstration. This video is usually short, 1 minute approx. and is displayed along with the thumbnails. This helps the ASO on Google Play, while helping us to visually demonstrate to users how the APP works. Something really useful if our application is paid. So users can check its operation without having to buy it first.

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Video intercom: Which one is the best of 2020?




Best Video intercom

Have you ever knocked on the door of your house, and you have doubted if the person on the other side was who they claimed to be? Have you been scared when you open and discover someone unexpected in front of you? The safety of a home and the protection of those who live in it is an important issue. For this reason, video intercoms help to control better who accesses our house.

These devices allow us to view the person who, from the outside, requests access to us. Whether in a building, in a single-family home, or an office, it is a first filter to access the interior. If we do not wish to receive the person waiting on the other side, we can ignore their call. Or interact with that person while we observe their movements.

The most important
A video intercom is an electronic mechanism that allows access control to the interior of a building. Through its video and audio mechanism, it is possible to see and hear the other person. This allows us to know who is on the other side and filter access to our property.

The video intercom works by means of two interconnected elements—one, outside the property; another, inside. Outside, we will place the plate or button that will activate the bell. Inside, the monitor and the telephone to establish audiovisual communication.

One of the most important purchase criteria is the range of the video intercom, especially in high-rise residential or office buildings. This range radius will determine the distance between the external unit and the internal receiver.

The best video intercoms on the market: our recommendations
In order to choose an ideal model for our home or office, we must first compare it. It is necessary to know the market and the variants it offers us. In this list, we try to summarize some of the most interesting options. Using different criteria, we present select models that fit into each of the categories. Let’s take a look at them!

The best video intercom according to online users

The best low-cost video intercom

The best color video intercom

The best video intercom recorder

The best video intercom according to online users


The model best valued by Amazon users. It is a video intercom with a 4.3-inch monitor. It allows you to add another two additional interior stations. The assembly is simple, although it does not include cables. The maximum coverage distance is one hundred meters. In addition, it is compatible with outdoor video surveillance IP cameras. In short, it is a multifunction device.

The best low cost video intercom

best low cost video intercom
FLOUREON Security Intercom

An economical option that offers excellent value for money. The indoor station’s LCD screen is seven inches long and transmits color images. The external camera has infrared night vision. It is resistant to water, dust, and cold – it works even at minus twenty degrees. It’s very light — it weighs less than a kilo — and it also has a 100-meter range.

The best color video intercom

Best color video intercom
Fermax 09421 Video intercom

Fermax is a brand specialized in this type of product. Therefore, this model has the quality guarantee of a reliable manufacturer. In addition, it offers a sharp and clear image through the 4.3-inch monitor. It has a night vision camera. To top it off, it can store up to one hundred and fifty images captured by the external camera. Record the date and time of these images.

The best video intercom recorder

best video intercom recorder

Another high-end model. In this case, the Somfy video intercom has a seven-inch indoor monitor. It integrates a micro SD memory card to store the captured images. The screen is tactile and offers a high resolution. Through the interface, up to five interconnected devices of the same brand can be controlled—ideal for large single-family homes.

Shopping guide: What you should know about a video intercom
This section is intended to learn more about the nature and operation of the video intercom. The best way to make the right decision about a product is to know it thoroughly. Therefore, through several key aspects, we will try to familiarize the potential buyer with the video intercom. Do you want to know more? Keep reading!

video intercom
blonde woman answers the intercom call while holding the phone to your ear

What is a video intercom?
A video intercom is a surveillance and access control system to a closed space. Generally, these are properties intended for homes or offices. Therefore, the definition does nothing but reproduce what its name indicates. On the one hand, it allows to operate a door opening mechanism.

In addition to the video image, it also transmits an audio signal. In this way, it is possible to establish simultaneous communication between the exterior and the interior. The video intercom thus exercises a function equivalent to that of human intercoms, in extinction. Unlike a doorman without a video function, it allows us to anonymously check the identity of the visitor.

What are the parts that make up a video intercom?
A video intercom is a dual system made up of two parts: the external panel and the internal receiver. The external panel is located outside the property. Generally, it is installed on the facade of the building or home —or even on landings— and is used to call the interior. It consists of a push-button, a camera, and a voice communication system.

As for the part that goes inside the property, it is basically the intercom and the monitor. Through this, we can see the image transmitted by the camera of the external plate. The intercom will be used to establish voice communication with the outside world. In addition, we will have the volume control panel and other settings and the opening switch.

Why is a video intercom useful?
The usefulness of a video intercom can be summarized in two aspects: security and comfort. On the one hand, the camera located outside allows us to verify the identity of the visitor. That will prevent us from scares or surprises, especially in a home. In offices with restricted access, it will be one more security filter. No one can impersonate another identity.

In addition, the video intercom allows us to ignore unwanted visits or calls. For example, door-to-door salespeople or advertising deliverers. This will save us the inconvenience of having to deny entry to someone. Just by viewing the camera – which is activated by the doorbell – we can decide not to respond. And we won’t have to attend to the encyclopedia salesman!

What types of video intercoms are there?
The video door entry system is not a field that admits profound differences. In general, the typology of video intercoms is rather homogeneous. This means that they offer the same benefits – the end is simple – with almost identical technologies. The main differences can come from the brand and compatibility of the parts. Other than that, there are few differences.

Also, today we are witnessing the distinction between digital video intercoms, IP video intercoms, and conventional video intercoms. The difference between them is given by connectivity – analog (with cables) or digital (without them) – and their technology. For example, IP video intercoms are designed for buildings equipped with home automation systems – or smart homes.

What types of video intercoms

How is a video intercom different from a conventional intercom without a camera?
Here we do find notable differences between the performance and benefits of one and the other. Starting with the most obvious, the video door entry unit incorporates the image as an essential novelty. Furthermore, they tend to be technically more complex mechanisms without this posing a problem. Let’s see in a table the main differences between both types of goalkeepers:

Is the video door entry image black and white or color?
There are video intercoms with black and white images and color video intercoms. Therefore, the market offers both options to users. Models that transmit color images are generally more expensive. Today, almost all manufacturers already offer this type of video door entry system.

The choice between one model or another will depend exclusively on the user. At the performance level, the result and benefits will be identical. The only difference will be how we see the outside image through the monitor. Color image transmission will allow us to distinguish, for example, characteristic elements of clothes or work uniforms.

Do the monitor and the video door entry unit have to be compatible?
Yes, there must be compatibility between the two parties. As we said before, the video door entry system is a dual system. Therefore, it is not understood – nor does it work – when one of the two parties acts independently. Compatibility is determined by the type of connections between both parties. If they are incompatible, they will not communicate – audio and video – with each other.

There are universal models that offer compatibility with parts from other brands. This is especially useful if only one of the components in the assembly fails. In this way, we can replace it without necessarily buying the same model again. In the technical specifications of the model, the manufacturer will inform us of this.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of installing a video intercom?
So far we have reviewed some of the most relevant characteristics of the video intercom. Do you still need more arguments to decide to install one in your home or office? In that case, take a look at the following table. In it, the advantages and disadvantages of this device are summarized.


  • Provides greater security
  • Allows interaction with the outside
  • No need to reply to view the image
  • Some models allow you to store images captured by the camera
  • Most models offer color image
  • Can be used as video surveillance systems


  • Higher cost
  • More expensive spare parts
  • Slightly more complex installation
  • Limitations on the radius of reach for very large buildings

Purchase criteria
At this point in the article, surely you already know a lot more about the video intercom than before you started reading. However, we believe that it is still not enough. You may have already decided to buy and install one of these devices, but which one? To find the correct answer, we must pay attention to a series of relevant criteria. Here go ours!

Night vision and video resolution

Black and white or color image?

Assembly and maintenance

Possibility to record and store images

Range radius

Night vision and video resolution
In reality, they are – or seem to be – two criteria in one. But, due to their proximity, we believe that they go hand in hand. After all, both refer to the quality of the image we receive from abroad. On the one hand, the resolution will determine the degree of detail and sharpness of that image. The higher the resolution, the better the vision we will get of what is happening outside.

Night vision will allow us to continue receiving the image in low light conditions. Perhaps not with the same degree of detail and sharpness, but at least we will see something. These cameras generally incorporate infrared sensors that allow images to be captured in the dark. It is useful at night or in areas without exposure to natural light.

Night vision and video resolution
A male local resident or tourist clicks on the doorphone button or calls the intercom. Arrival and call from street to room.

Black and white or color image?
We continue to review purchase criteria related to the image. After all, what else should we give importance to? If we talk about video devices, it is obvious that the visual takes on a special relevance. In this case, the question is: should we buy a black and white or a color video intercom?

Therefore, the reader will be able to distinguish perfectly what it means to buy one or the other. Now, what consequences does this choice have? From an economic point of view, we can already find color models with affordable market prices. Thus, the pretext of saving would be questionable in relation to this purchase criterion. Color your video intercom!

Assembly and maintenance
Although the assembly of the video intercoms is not excessively complex, it varies from one to another. First of all, we will say that it is advisable to leave the installation to a professional. They know perfectly how to make the connections and ensure the correct operation of the device. We will save time, patience, and surprises with the final result of the installation.

The more complex the assembly, the more wiring or more connections to make, for example, the more expensive. Now, once the equipment is installed – inside and outside the building – maintenance comes. We should look for devices that offer warranty, spare parts, and easy repair or replacement. If not, in case of breakdown we will have to make a large outlay.

Possibility to record and store images
Can you imagine being able to record what your video intercom captures when you are not at home? It’s possible. You only need a recording device that also allows you to store that material. The most common form of storage is through memory cards. For this, the video intercom must have a slot to insert it. Thus, you will see who visited you while you were absent.

Among the video door entry models with a recording function, some will store more images than others. As with any other electronic device, memory can differ quite a bit. However, we probably do not need a video intercom that stores thousands of images. The main function will continue to be to show live who is on the other side.

Range radius
The range radius is the maximum distance between the two elements of the video door entry unit without compromising its operation. In other words, if that distance is exceeded, the connection will be lost. It is expressed in meters and is especially important in buildings with many heights. The higher we are, the further we are from the external plate. The lower the height, the shorter the distance.

Most modern video door phones offer wide ranges of coverage or reach. However, it is worth paying attention to this feature. Above all, with low cost or simple models, which tend to offer less range. We must also check that the cables are long enough. Thus, we can place the telephone and the monitor in any corner.

This is where our foray into the world of video intercoms ends. Has it made you short? That is a good sign! In this article, you will have been able to learn more about these devices and how they work. In addition, our list of recommendations aims to help users choose the most suitable model for their needs. Because not all are the same!

We also wanted to review the purchase criteria that seem most relevant to us when choosing a video intercom. Paying attention to them will be useful before deciding which model to install in our home or office. Knowledge is power, and we take care of this in that section of our article. Do not miss any detail while shopping!

If you think this article has been worth reading, why not share it with your friends? Thus, they too will know which model of video intercom to buy. You can also share it through social networks. Or, if you prefer, leave us your impressions, comments, or doubts about this product here. What are you waiting for? You are already an expert in video intercoms!

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Motherboard: Which is the best of 2020?





The modular motherboard concept that we are familiar with today was created in the 1980s by Patty McHugh, an IBM engineer. Its development made it possible to simplify significantly how the various hardware components interacted and, therefore, facilitated the design of computers.

Today, motherboards are an indispensable element of computers and many electronic devices, since the rest of the components are connected to them. Logically, if you need to acquire one, you must make sure that it is compatible with every one of them. And that it offers enough expansion options for the future.

The most important
The motherboard is a fundamental element of computers since the rest of the computer components are connected to it, from the microprocessor to the graphics card through the RAM (Random Access Memory, in English), the monitor or the computer. Same keyboard.

When choosing the motherboard, you have to make sure that it is compatible with the processor you are going to install. You not only have to consider the manufacturer, but also the processor model itself.

You must be familiar with the characteristics of motherboards to choose the right one to replace the one you have on your computer or to mount your PC. Therefore, you must know elements such as the chipset, the CPU socket (Central Processing Unit, in English), the RAM slots, or the connection ports since they will serve as purchase criteria.

The best motherboards on the market: our recommendations
Next, we present the classification that we have prepared with what, in our opinion, are the five best motherboards that you can currently find on the market. We have designed it, trying to include only items that offer great value for money. Besides, they are all top brands.

For those looking to get the most out of processors

Asus Prime B450M-A AMD B450 Socket AM4 Micro ATX

A middle-class motherboard, with a micro ATX form factor, significantly indicated to take advantage of AMD Ryzen processors without the need for a large economic investment. It has four DDR4-SDRAM RAM memory slots and a total of six 6 Gbps (Gigabits per second) SATA connectors.

In addition, it has an M.2 x4 PCI Express 3.0 / 2.0 port to connect an SSD (Solid-State Drive, in English), a USB 3.1 Gen2 a port, and two USB 3.1 Gen1 ports, the latter on the front panel of the plate. It allows overclocking, although it is not the most suitable plate for it. And, of course, with the guarantee of a brand like ASUS.

The best motherboard according to its value for money

ASRock FATAL1TY Z270 GAMING-ITX/AC LGA1151/ Intel Z270/ DDR4/ SATA3&USB3.0/ M.2&SATA Express/ WiFi/ A&GbE/ Mini-ITX Motherboard

A motherboard with excellent value for money and with which you can perform a moderate overclock. It is specially designed for players who do not have a very high budget. In addition, it has a magnificent sound system with support for Creative Sound Blaster Cinema 3 and the Realtek ALC1220 codec.

It has seven USB 3.0 ports and one USB 3.0 Type-C, two M.2 ports, and two PCIe 3.0 x16, 4 PCIe 3.0 x1. It has six 6 Gbps SATA connectors and supports AMD Crossfire and Quad Crossfire. It comes in eight-phase power design, 15μ (micron) gold contacts (DIMM and PCI-E), 12K capacitors (10% tolerance), and steel-reinforced PCI slots.

Best micro ATX form factor motherboard

Gigabyte Intel B360 Express LGA 1151 Micro ATX DDR4-SDRAM Motherboard

Micro ATX form factor motherboard. It has the B360 chipset, which is undoubtedly one of the most popular, as it offers almost everything that an average user can need. Supports 8th generation Intel Core processors and DDR4-SDRAM type RAM. It comes with an LGA 1151 socket.

It comes with 12 USB ports, half of them being USB 3.1 Gen 1. In addition, it has a PCI-Express x16 slot, a x4, and a x1. It integrates an M.2 port with PCIe Gen3 x4 for a theoretical speed of up to 32 GB / s. And it has six SATA 3 ports. It is designed to offer a long service life. It provides excellent value for money.

The most economical option

Gigabyte H310M S2H Intel Micro ATX

A motherboard at a very reasonable price, ideal if you want to build an inexpensive computer for fundamental tasks. It is a board with a micro ATX form factor, compatible with eighth-generation Intel processors and an LGA 1151 socket. Of course, it only has two DDR4-SDRAM RAM memory slots.

It has an M.2 port to install an NVMe SSD, high-quality audio capacitors, and the Smart Fan 5 cooling system. It also includes four USB 2.0 ports, a USB 3.1 Gen1 port, and a SATA III connector for drives. hard. It does not support overclocking and neither the possibility of connecting more than one graphics card.

The best gaming motherboard

Gaming Motherboard

A really impressive gaming motherboard with ATX form factor. It is compatible with 2nd and 3rd generation AMD Ryzen processors. It stands out for its magnificent design with integrated chipset and M.2 heatsink. Supports up to 128GB (gigabytes) of 4,600MHz (megahertz) RAM. In addition, it has 3 PCIe 4.0 x16 slots and one x1.

It has support for various graphics cards, both 3-way Crossfire and 2-way SLI. It has 12 USB ports, 8 of which are USB 3.1 Gen2. It comes with automatic system-wide settings including overclocking and cooling profiles. It is equipped with 16 power phases. And at the sound level, it comes with Supreme FX technology.

Buying Guide: What You Should Know About Motherboards
If you need to buy a motherboard, it is essential that you consider a number of important issues. After all, there is a great variety of different models, designed for different user profiles. Therefore, in this section, we are going to try to clarify the main questions you may have about motherboards.

About Motherboards

What are the possible reasons to buy a motherboard?
The reasons why you may need to buy a motherboard are mainly three: replace the motherboard of your computer to improve its performance, replace it because it is failing or has definitively damaged, or purchase one to mount a new computer component by component.

In any case, before choosing a motherboard, you must decide if you want one that offers you a long useful life or one that delivers in the short term. Of course, the first ones will require a more excellent financial investment, but they also ensure the possibility of improving or expanding any of the components in the future.

Buy a motherboard

What are the advantages of buying a motherboard to mount a component to component computer?
Mounting a computer component by component offers a number of important advantages. For starters, it is usually cheaper than equipment that is already assembled as standard. In addition, it allows you to choose which components you want to install on your computer and invest more in those that you consider most important for the use you are going to make of it.

It may also be that you want to take advantage of a component of your old computer, that you want to take advantage of an offer, or that you even want to buy some second-hand. Of course, designing your own PC requires a minimum knowledge of hardware and/or that you carry out a research process to find the right components.

What are the basic elements of a motherboard?
The basic boards have a number of basic elements, such as the ATX power connector, the CPU socket, the slots for the RAM memory modules, the PCI and PCI Express expansion slots, the storage connectors, the connectors PS / 2, graphics connectors, CMOS battery, USB and network ports, BIOS, and chipset.

ATX power connector: through which the main power comes from the source to the motherboard.

CPU socket: it is the place where the processor is connected. It can be for Intel or AMD processors.

RAM memory slots: In general, for desktop computers there are usually between two and eight slots. For laptop boards, this is usually the only part of the board that includes expansion options.

PCI and PCI Express expansion slots: used to add new components to the computer, such as graphics cards or sound cards. PCI slots are considered obsolete, so it is becoming less current to find boards that have them.

Storage connectors: this is where you connect hard drives, SSD drives, DVD readers and recorders, among others.

PS / 2 connectors: for connecting keyboards and mice.

Graphic connectors: which are used to connect the monitors. It is possible to find them as DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI, and even VGA.

USB ports: where peripherals such as mice and printers can be connected to USB memory sticks or external hard drives.

Network ports – This is where you connect Ethernet cables to enjoy a wired network.

BIOS (Basic Input / Output System, in English): which is a read-only memory in which the software that controls the hardware is located and that operates as an interface between the operating system and the hardware of the computer.

Chipset: made up of a set of small circuits, which are responsible for coordinating the flow of information to and from the different key components of the equipment.

CMOS battery (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor, in English): is a lithium battery that supplies the energy necessary to power the BIOS.

Basic elements of a motherboard

What motherboard formats are there?
Today, there are dozens of different motherboard formats. Each one is designed for a type of computer. However, the three most common are: the full-size (ATX), the mid-size (micro ATX) or the small (mini ITX) form factor. We have prepared a complete table explaining its main characteristics.

Of course, the larger the size of the motherboard, the more connectors and expansion possibilities it will have. In addition, it is important that you bear in mind that the plate format determines the size of the PC case and, therefore, also affects the cooling system that you can mount.

Why would you be interested in having your motherboard allow you to overclock?
Surely, you have heard of overclocking and wonder what it is and what advantages it offers. To begin with, it is important that you are clear that overclocking is a practice that can be done both in the processor, in the RAM and in the graphics card. What is sought with this technique is to increase the clock speed or the working frequency of a component.

What you do is increase your performance and speed. In the case of processors, both Intel and AMD already have a technology that allows them to increase their frequency automatically. Of course, in order to carry out this practice, it is important that the processor and the board are unlocked and allow overclocking.

Purchase criteria
When it comes time to purchase a motherboard, it is important that you take into account some purchase criteria. To make the selection process more bearable, we have selected the ones that we think are the most important. We have done it so that you have a complete buying guide to choose the plate that best suits your needs.

Circuit quality
the chipset
The graphics card (s)

When choosing the format, you have to take into account the use you are going to make of the equipment and think about whether you will need to carry out any expansion in the future. In the beginning, except for very specific uses, you should opt for the ATX or micro ATX formats, which are quite flexible and offer enough expansion options.

ATX boards are compatible with virtually any PC case. The micro ATX format is ideal if your budget is more limited. To build a liquid-cooled PC with multiple graphics cards and three or more storage drives, the XL-ATX and E-ATX form factors are convenient for you.


The socket determines which processor you can install. Therefore, it is essential that you make sure that you choose a board with a socket compatible with the processor you want to install. Currently, some of the most common are the LGA 1151 and LGA 2066 from Intel and the AM4 and TR4 from AMD. Nevertheless, they are not the only ones.

For the higher end and for server processors, Intel uses the LGA 2011 and LGA 2011-3 sockets, while for home use it uses the LGA 1151. AMD, for its part, uses FM2 and FM2 + sockets for its processors with the integrated graphics and AM4, AM3 and AM3 + for most processors for home use.

Circuit quality
The build quality of the board influences both the proper functioning of the other components of the computer and the useful life of the equipment. Hence its importance. In the event that the equipment is going to be used for basic office automation tasks, you do not need a board that has capacitors and circuits that offer high performance.

A different case is if the equipment is going to suffer heavy workloads and / or you are going to overclock . If so, it is essential that you opt for one that has high-quality power circuits and phases, since the plate will be subjected to a great electrical demand. Of course, if the quality is higher, then usually so will its price.

The chipset
The chipset or south bridge acts as the communication center and controller of the data traffic of the board. In addition, it determines which components are or are not compatible with the motherboard. You can distinguish between chipsets compatible with Intel processors and those that are compatible with AMD. Here is a list of some of the best.

Intel B360 : Low-end chipset without overclocking or RAID support, although it does for SSD drives. Ideal if you want to build an inexpensive computer.

Intel H370 : It also does not have the ability to overclock, but it does have support for RAID and SSD drives. It is used in inexpensive boards, being ideal for mid-range gaming equipment.

Intel Z390: it is a high-end model. Allows overclocking. It is indicated for high-end gaming equipment. It is advisable to mount K-range processors, as well as 4,500 MHz and lower RAM.

Intel X299 : This chipset represents the highest range of Intel. Especially suitable for Workstation or for computers oriented to the most demanding tasks.

AMD A320 : framed within the low range of AMD. It does not allow overclocking or multiple graphics cards. Designed for the cheapest equipment.

AMD B450 – Accepts overclocking and various graphics cards. Without a doubt, it is a particularly interesting option for mid-range gaming computers.

AMD X470 : designed for high-end gaming equipment. Of course, it supports overclocking and various graphics cards.

AMD X399 – AMD’s highest -end chipset. Designed for those who want or need very powerful equipment, whether for design or for workstations.

The graphics card (s)
First of all, you have to make sure that the motherboard you buy is compatible with the graphics card you are going to connect. Also, if you are thinking of installing two or more cards to improve the performance of the computer, especially to play video games, it is essential that you make sure that it supports the installation of more than one card.

Normally, if so, the manufacturer usually indicates it expressly. SLI (Scalable Link Interface, in English) is the Multi GPU system for Nvidia graphics cards and while Crossfire is the corresponding system for ATI / AMD graphics cards. Logically, you should also check the number of cards it supports.

Since motherboards are the connection center of a computer, it is essential that the one you buy has all the connections you will need. In any case, in general these are related to the type of chipset you choose. To begin with, it is recommended that you look at the number and type of SATA connectors you have.

Of course, you should also consider the number and type of USB ports it has, the type of audio and video connectors it has and if it comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. In the case of USB ports, you should have one of them on the front of the board. And of course, don’t forget about the PCI Express ports.

In order to assemble a computer component by component, the choice of the motherboard is decisive in the configuration of the rest of the equipment. If, on the other hand, what you need is to replace the plate of one that is already assembled, this is going to be the one that will have to adapt to the components you already have.

Therefore, to choose the right one, you must take into account the board format, the socket and the chipset it integrates, the connections it has, the quality of the circuits and the type and number of graphics cards it accepts. Similarly, looking to the future, you should consider potential expansion options.

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best wireless speakers 2020

The smartphones are no longer just phones. And they are not only used to make calls or send text messages or WhatsApp. These state-of-the-art devices are authentic multimedia centres equipped with HD cameras, high-resolution video players, and an inexhaustible source of musical content.

To take advantage of all that musical content, the best travel companions are portable Bluetooth speakers or, failing that, good wireless headphones (here are the best wireless headphones of 2020  to connect them to the 10 best sports smartwatches ).

But a portable Bluetooth speaker allows you to squeeze all the sonic possibilities of a smartphone. These that we show you here are the 8 best Bluetooth wireless speakers. The best of this strange 2020. From 35$ to 425$, so that nobody is left without taking full advantage of the sound possibilities of your mobile phone:

The 8 Best Wireless Speakers of 2020
Bang & Olufsen Beosound A1 wireless speaker
With the refined design of all the Danish brand’s products, the second generation of this speaker is lighter than the previous one. It includes two drivers and a 3.5-inch aluminium woofer with a powerful neodymium magnet system for even clearer sound. It has Bluetooth 5.1 connectivity.

The 8 Best Wireless Speakers of 2020 Bose Sounlink Revolve +Wireless speaker

Splash and shock resistant (IPX4 rated), this Bose speaker is compatible with voice assistants, has up to 16 hours of battery life, and remembers up to eight devices that can be up to 30 feet away. Thanks to its design and its technical characteristics, it offers an Omni-directional sound, with high quality bass.
The 8 Best Wireless Speakers of 2020 Denon Envaya PocketWireless speaker

Denon Envaya Pocket

it weighs just 400 grams and is barely 16 centimeters long, making it a perfect audio solution to take anywhere. With a charging time of 2.5 hours it provides a range of 10 hours. Thanks to Bluetooth aptX low latency, it offers wireless digital quality audio playback. It integrates two 400mm speakers, a passive radiator and two 6.5-watt digital amplifiers.
Klipsch Heritage Groove Wireless Speaker

Klipsch Heritage Groove

This model from Klipsh, a house with 70 years of history behind it, stands out for its retro design, but also for its extensive sound performance. It integrates a three-inch full-range driver and advanced DSP equalization. It also has a microphone for hands-free calls.
Motorola Sonic Boost 220 wireless speaker

It is not the most powerful (3 watts) nor the one that offers the longest autonomy (6 hours), but it offers good sound quality, an estimable design, is compatible with most voice assistants and has IPX5 resistance certification, which makes it waterproof. In addition to its advanced connectivity with Alexa, Siri or Google Assistant, it has Bluetooth 5.0 and an auxiliary input for a 3.5 mm jack plug.

Sonos Move wireless speaker

The brand’s first truly mobile loudspeaker offers a slightly higher level of sound quality than its rivals, with a robust (three kilos weight) but elegant design. A key element of this speaker is its Adaptive Auto Setup, which adjusts key sound parameters based on ambient conditions. This is achieved thanks to the Sonos Trueplay system. It is compatible with the most popular voice assistants and has an autonomy of up to 10 hours.

SoundCore Flare 2 Wireless Speaker

With BassUp technology and 20 watts of power, the SoundCore Flare 2 reproduces 360º sound, providing a totally immersive experience. It’s upper and lower rings, equipped with two LED rings, light up, flash and change in intensity to the rhythm of the music. Through the SoundCore app you can customize both the equalization and the lighting effects.

Vieta Pro wireless speaker

In addition to its compact design and powerful sound, this portable Bluetooth speaker stands out for including an FM radio tuner, which is a feature that few devices of this type include. In the connectivity section it offers Bluetooth 4.2 connection, micro USB and auxiliary input. In addition, it incorporates True Wireless technology, with which two speakers can be connected to the same smartphone to enjoy the sound twice.

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