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Motherboard: Which is the best of 2020?




The modular motherboard concept that we are familiar with today was created in the 1980s by Patty McHugh, an IBM engineer. Its development made it possible to simplify significantly how the various hardware components interacted and, therefore, facilitated the design of computers.

Today, motherboards are an indispensable element of computers and many electronic devices, since the rest of the components are connected to them. Logically, if you need to acquire one, you must make sure that it is compatible with every one of them. And that it offers enough expansion options for the future.

The most important
The motherboard is a fundamental element of computers since the rest of the computer components are connected to it, from the microprocessor to the graphics card through the RAM (Random Access Memory, in English), the monitor or the computer. Same keyboard.

When choosing the motherboard, you have to make sure that it is compatible with the processor you are going to install. You not only have to consider the manufacturer, but also the processor model itself.

You must be familiar with the characteristics of motherboards to choose the right one to replace the one you have on your computer or to mount your PC. Therefore, you must know elements such as the chipset, the CPU socket (Central Processing Unit, in English), the RAM slots, or the connection ports since they will serve as purchase criteria.

The best motherboards on the market: our recommendations
Next, we present the classification that we have prepared with what, in our opinion, are the five best motherboards that you can currently find on the market. We have designed it, trying to include only items that offer great value for money. Besides, they are all top brands.

For those looking to get the most out of processors

Asus Prime B450M-A AMD B450 Socket AM4 Micro ATX

A middle-class motherboard, with a micro ATX form factor, significantly indicated to take advantage of AMD Ryzen processors without the need for a large economic investment. It has four DDR4-SDRAM RAM memory slots and a total of six 6 Gbps (Gigabits per second) SATA connectors.

In addition, it has an M.2 x4 PCI Express 3.0 / 2.0 port to connect an SSD (Solid-State Drive, in English), a USB 3.1 Gen2 a port, and two USB 3.1 Gen1 ports, the latter on the front panel of the plate. It allows overclocking, although it is not the most suitable plate for it. And, of course, with the guarantee of a brand like ASUS.

The best motherboard according to its value for money

ASRock FATAL1TY Z270 GAMING-ITX/AC LGA1151/ Intel Z270/ DDR4/ SATA3&USB3.0/ M.2&SATA Express/ WiFi/ A&GbE/ Mini-ITX Motherboard

A motherboard with excellent value for money and with which you can perform a moderate overclock. It is specially designed for players who do not have a very high budget. In addition, it has a magnificent sound system with support for Creative Sound Blaster Cinema 3 and the Realtek ALC1220 codec.

It has seven USB 3.0 ports and one USB 3.0 Type-C, two M.2 ports, and two PCIe 3.0 x16, 4 PCIe 3.0 x1. It has six 6 Gbps SATA connectors and supports AMD Crossfire and Quad Crossfire. It comes in eight-phase power design, 15μ (micron) gold contacts (DIMM and PCI-E), 12K capacitors (10% tolerance), and steel-reinforced PCI slots.

Best micro ATX form factor motherboard

Gigabyte Intel B360 Express LGA 1151 Micro ATX DDR4-SDRAM Motherboard

Micro ATX form factor motherboard. It has the B360 chipset, which is undoubtedly one of the most popular, as it offers almost everything that an average user can need. Supports 8th generation Intel Core processors and DDR4-SDRAM type RAM. It comes with an LGA 1151 socket.

It comes with 12 USB ports, half of them being USB 3.1 Gen 1. In addition, it has a PCI-Express x16 slot, a x4, and a x1. It integrates an M.2 port with PCIe Gen3 x4 for a theoretical speed of up to 32 GB / s. And it has six SATA 3 ports. It is designed to offer a long service life. It provides excellent value for money.

The most economical option

Gigabyte H310M S2H Intel Micro ATX

A motherboard at a very reasonable price, ideal if you want to build an inexpensive computer for fundamental tasks. It is a board with a micro ATX form factor, compatible with eighth-generation Intel processors and an LGA 1151 socket. Of course, it only has two DDR4-SDRAM RAM memory slots.

It has an M.2 port to install an NVMe SSD, high-quality audio capacitors, and the Smart Fan 5 cooling system. It also includes four USB 2.0 ports, a USB 3.1 Gen1 port, and a SATA III connector for drives. hard. It does not support overclocking and neither the possibility of connecting more than one graphics card.

The best gaming motherboard

Gaming Motherboard

A really impressive gaming motherboard with ATX form factor. It is compatible with 2nd and 3rd generation AMD Ryzen processors. It stands out for its magnificent design with integrated chipset and M.2 heatsink. Supports up to 128GB (gigabytes) of 4,600MHz (megahertz) RAM. In addition, it has 3 PCIe 4.0 x16 slots and one x1.

It has support for various graphics cards, both 3-way Crossfire and 2-way SLI. It has 12 USB ports, 8 of which are USB 3.1 Gen2. It comes with automatic system-wide settings including overclocking and cooling profiles. It is equipped with 16 power phases. And at the sound level, it comes with Supreme FX technology.

Buying Guide: What You Should Know About Motherboards
If you need to buy a motherboard, it is essential that you consider a number of important issues. After all, there is a great variety of different models, designed for different user profiles. Therefore, in this section, we are going to try to clarify the main questions you may have about motherboards.

About Motherboards

What are the possible reasons to buy a motherboard?
The reasons why you may need to buy a motherboard are mainly three: replace the motherboard of your computer to improve its performance, replace it because it is failing or has definitively damaged, or purchase one to mount a new computer component by component.

In any case, before choosing a motherboard, you must decide if you want one that offers you a long useful life or one that delivers in the short term. Of course, the first ones will require a more excellent financial investment, but they also ensure the possibility of improving or expanding any of the components in the future.

Buy a motherboard

What are the advantages of buying a motherboard to mount a component to component computer?
Mounting a computer component by component offers a number of important advantages. For starters, it is usually cheaper than equipment that is already assembled as standard. In addition, it allows you to choose which components you want to install on your computer and invest more in those that you consider most important for the use you are going to make of it.

It may also be that you want to take advantage of a component of your old computer, that you want to take advantage of an offer, or that you even want to buy some second-hand. Of course, designing your own PC requires a minimum knowledge of hardware and/or that you carry out a research process to find the right components.

What are the basic elements of a motherboard?
The basic boards have a number of basic elements, such as the ATX power connector, the CPU socket, the slots for the RAM memory modules, the PCI and PCI Express expansion slots, the storage connectors, the connectors PS / 2, graphics connectors, CMOS battery, USB and network ports, BIOS, and chipset.

ATX power connector: through which the main power comes from the source to the motherboard.

CPU socket: it is the place where the processor is connected. It can be for Intel or AMD processors.

RAM memory slots: In general, for desktop computers there are usually between two and eight slots. For laptop boards, this is usually the only part of the board that includes expansion options.

PCI and PCI Express expansion slots: used to add new components to the computer, such as graphics cards or sound cards. PCI slots are considered obsolete, so it is becoming less current to find boards that have them.

Storage connectors: this is where you connect hard drives, SSD drives, DVD readers and recorders, among others.

PS / 2 connectors: for connecting keyboards and mice.

Graphic connectors: which are used to connect the monitors. It is possible to find them as DisplayPort, HDMI, DVI, and even VGA.

USB ports: where peripherals such as mice and printers can be connected to USB memory sticks or external hard drives.

Network ports – This is where you connect Ethernet cables to enjoy a wired network.

BIOS (Basic Input / Output System, in English): which is a read-only memory in which the software that controls the hardware is located and that operates as an interface between the operating system and the hardware of the computer.

Chipset: made up of a set of small circuits, which are responsible for coordinating the flow of information to and from the different key components of the equipment.

CMOS battery (Complementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor, in English): is a lithium battery that supplies the energy necessary to power the BIOS.

Basic elements of a motherboard

What motherboard formats are there?
Today, there are dozens of different motherboard formats. Each one is designed for a type of computer. However, the three most common are: the full-size (ATX), the mid-size (micro ATX) or the small (mini ITX) form factor. We have prepared a complete table explaining its main characteristics.

Of course, the larger the size of the motherboard, the more connectors and expansion possibilities it will have. In addition, it is important that you bear in mind that the plate format determines the size of the PC case and, therefore, also affects the cooling system that you can mount.

Why would you be interested in having your motherboard allow you to overclock?
Surely, you have heard of overclocking and wonder what it is and what advantages it offers. To begin with, it is important that you are clear that overclocking is a practice that can be done both in the processor, in the RAM and in the graphics card. What is sought with this technique is to increase the clock speed or the working frequency of a component.

What you do is increase your performance and speed. In the case of processors, both Intel and AMD already have a technology that allows them to increase their frequency automatically. Of course, in order to carry out this practice, it is important that the processor and the board are unlocked and allow overclocking.

Purchase criteria
When it comes time to purchase a motherboard, it is important that you take into account some purchase criteria. To make the selection process more bearable, we have selected the ones that we think are the most important. We have done it so that you have a complete buying guide to choose the plate that best suits your needs.

Circuit quality
the chipset
The graphics card (s)

When choosing the format, you have to take into account the use you are going to make of the equipment and think about whether you will need to carry out any expansion in the future. In the beginning, except for very specific uses, you should opt for the ATX or micro ATX formats, which are quite flexible and offer enough expansion options.

ATX boards are compatible with virtually any PC case. The micro ATX format is ideal if your budget is more limited. To build a liquid-cooled PC with multiple graphics cards and three or more storage drives, the XL-ATX and E-ATX form factors are convenient for you.


The socket determines which processor you can install. Therefore, it is essential that you make sure that you choose a board with a socket compatible with the processor you want to install. Currently, some of the most common are the LGA 1151 and LGA 2066 from Intel and the AM4 and TR4 from AMD. Nevertheless, they are not the only ones.

For the higher end and for server processors, Intel uses the LGA 2011 and LGA 2011-3 sockets, while for home use it uses the LGA 1151. AMD, for its part, uses FM2 and FM2 + sockets for its processors with the integrated graphics and AM4, AM3 and AM3 + for most processors for home use.

Circuit quality
The build quality of the board influences both the proper functioning of the other components of the computer and the useful life of the equipment. Hence its importance. In the event that the equipment is going to be used for basic office automation tasks, you do not need a board that has capacitors and circuits that offer high performance.

A different case is if the equipment is going to suffer heavy workloads and / or you are going to overclock . If so, it is essential that you opt for one that has high-quality power circuits and phases, since the plate will be subjected to a great electrical demand. Of course, if the quality is higher, then usually so will its price.

The chipset
The chipset or south bridge acts as the communication center and controller of the data traffic of the board. In addition, it determines which components are or are not compatible with the motherboard. You can distinguish between chipsets compatible with Intel processors and those that are compatible with AMD. Here is a list of some of the best.

Intel B360 : Low-end chipset without overclocking or RAID support, although it does for SSD drives. Ideal if you want to build an inexpensive computer.

Intel H370 : It also does not have the ability to overclock, but it does have support for RAID and SSD drives. It is used in inexpensive boards, being ideal for mid-range gaming equipment.

Intel Z390: it is a high-end model. Allows overclocking. It is indicated for high-end gaming equipment. It is advisable to mount K-range processors, as well as 4,500 MHz and lower RAM.

Intel X299 : This chipset represents the highest range of Intel. Especially suitable for Workstation or for computers oriented to the most demanding tasks.

AMD A320 : framed within the low range of AMD. It does not allow overclocking or multiple graphics cards. Designed for the cheapest equipment.

AMD B450 – Accepts overclocking and various graphics cards. Without a doubt, it is a particularly interesting option for mid-range gaming computers.

AMD X470 : designed for high-end gaming equipment. Of course, it supports overclocking and various graphics cards.

AMD X399 – AMD’s highest -end chipset. Designed for those who want or need very powerful equipment, whether for design or for workstations.

The graphics card (s)
First of all, you have to make sure that the motherboard you buy is compatible with the graphics card you are going to connect. Also, if you are thinking of installing two or more cards to improve the performance of the computer, especially to play video games, it is essential that you make sure that it supports the installation of more than one card.

Normally, if so, the manufacturer usually indicates it expressly. SLI (Scalable Link Interface, in English) is the Multi GPU system for Nvidia graphics cards and while Crossfire is the corresponding system for ATI / AMD graphics cards. Logically, you should also check the number of cards it supports.

Since motherboards are the connection center of a computer, it is essential that the one you buy has all the connections you will need. In any case, in general these are related to the type of chipset you choose. To begin with, it is recommended that you look at the number and type of SATA connectors you have.

Of course, you should also consider the number and type of USB ports it has, the type of audio and video connectors it has and if it comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity. In the case of USB ports, you should have one of them on the front of the board. And of course, don’t forget about the PCI Express ports.

In order to assemble a computer component by component, the choice of the motherboard is decisive in the configuration of the rest of the equipment. If, on the other hand, what you need is to replace the plate of one that is already assembled, this is going to be the one that will have to adapt to the components you already have.

Therefore, to choose the right one, you must take into account the board format, the socket and the chipset it integrates, the connections it has, the quality of the circuits and the type and number of graphics cards it accepts. Similarly, looking to the future, you should consider potential expansion options.

Finally, if you consider that this guide has been useful in your selection process, you can leave us a comment or share it through the different social networks.

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Amazon’s Top 3 Rated Infrared Thermometers




Infrared Thermometers

Monitor your body temperature without contact with one of the three best-rated infrared thermometers on Amazon.

The presence of Covid-19 continues to put us in a position to take precautions and take care of ourselves at all times. Having a good thermometer is key at this time of year, in addition to coronavirus, due to exposure to the flu and various types of colds that usually occur at this time. Being a device that was not used frequently, the one you have at home may no longer work or be somewhat out of date.

In this article, we have selected some of the best-rated infrared thermometers from Amazon based on user opinions. If you need to renew it or want to get hold of this type of thermometers that work by infrared, keep reading this list of the three best-valued ones you can find on Amazon and choose the one that best suits your needs.

IDOIT thermometer
This infrared thermometer is a user favorite thanks to its easy operation, convenience, and good value for money. It has 4.6 stars out of 5 and accumulates more than 1,700 ratings. The device has two measurement modes available, you can measure by placing it close to the forehead without having to come into contact with the skin, making it safer and faster when taking the temperature. It is also capable of measuring the degrees of objects and environments, something perfect if, for example, there is a baby at home, you can see what temperature the room or the bathwater is at.

The thermometer we recommend is equipped with a highly sensitive infrared sensor microprocessor and LCD screen. By measuring temperature head-on without skin contact, you can quickly and accurately read degrees in one second, with an accuracy range of ± 1ºF / 0.5ºC. In addition to this, the device allows you to store information, specifically 99 sets of measured temperature data, which can help you control the change and evolution of your body, such as controlling the rise and fall of fever.

IDOIT thermometer

Easy@Home Thermometer
A similar model to the previous one is this one from Easy @ Home, equally positively valued by users who, with more than 1,400 opinions, classify it as easy to use and perfect for its purpose. To use it, simply press the scan button, placing it frontally three or five centimeters from the forehead of the person who needs to take the temperature. It is also possible to measure the warmth or coldness of objects, environments, and even breaths, all without direct contact.

Reading will be quick and simple, since it also has a backlit LCD screen that, depending on the degrees recorded, will change the color of its light to green, orange or red, coinciding with data from healthier to less. It is capable of storing the last 32 temperature measurements and has an automatic shutdown by not detecting its use in 30 seconds.

Easy@Home Thermometer
Easy@Home Thermometer

Konjac thermometer
As a last option but no less valid, we recommend this Konjac infrared thermometer. Its good ratings make it get 4.9 stars out of 5 and its users have thought that it is very accurate, fast, and extremely easy to use. The operation is similar to the previous ones that we have presented since at temperature it is collected without direct contact by placing the device about five or eight centimeters from the forehead of the person in question.

In turn, it is capable of measuring the degrees centigrade of objects and environments. After pressing the button to activate the temperature measurement, a small beep will be emitted to indicate that the data is ready. It will appear on your LCD screen accompanied by the light of the corresponding color, green if it does not exceed 37.4 º C, orange if it is between 37.5 º C and 37.9 º C and red when reaching feverish temperatures from 38 degrees, in the latter case there will be an alarm sound.

Konjac thermometer
Konjac thermometer
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Protect your laptop with the best computer cases




best computer cases

We present a variety of computer cases of different sizes and patterns. Pick the one you like the most and it suits your necessities!

Do you constantly work with your laptop and need to take it with you everywhere? If you want to protect it against possible scratches or bumps, don’t miss this variety of computer cases that we have selected. All have the necessary characteristics so that your computer is protected at all times. In addition, they are available in different sizes and colors so you can choose the one that best suits your tastes and needs.

The sleeves have become an essential accessory for students and professionals who work with their laptop every day and need to travel. In addition, the price of these items is quite affordable, so you will protect one of your most precious assets without spending much.

This protective case stands out especially for its different colorful designs and fits perfectly on computers with a 15.6-inch screen . Made of water-resistant neoprene, it offers a lightweight design and protects your computer from dust, bumps, scratches, scrapes, and spills. You can carry your computer only with this case or store it in the case and also in a backpack, so it has greater protection.

The following protective sleeve is compatible with most MacBook models. It has a neoprene foam padding layer and a soft fabric lining that will absorb potential bumps and scratches. It has a small additional bag, ideal for storing smaller accessories that you need to use, such as a mouse, helmets or mobile phone. This model is available in several colors and is the product with the best reviews by Amazon users on our list.

As a fourth option, we present this case that you can also use as a briefcase thanks to its retractable and comfortable handle . The padded interior is 0.6 cm thick and soft to protect your notebook from bumps, dust, scratches or spills. In addition, in its additional pocket you can also store the mouse and other small accessories that you use in your day to day.

Another of the favorite covers of Amazon users is this one made of high quality microfiber fabric and reinforced synthetic leather , which provides a soft touch and a good waterproof effect. Its portable design is ultra-thin and light, so you can transport it comfortably and store it in your bag or backpack. The soft velvet lining inside is particularly noteworthy , as it will protect the cover from possible scratches. This product not only serves as a sleeve for your laptop, but also serves as a mouse pad.

Nor can you miss the Mosiso brand cover with a mosaic effect, which in addition to giving an original and elegant touch, provides all the security your laptop needs. It has a transparent envelope and a foam padding that absorbs the impact of bumps and protects your computer from accidental scratches. It’s slim, lightweight, and can be easily slipped into your backpack or purse.

Finally, we present you this cover from the renowned Mr. Wonderful brand , whose popularity is due to its motivational and positive phrases. This product is perfect for 13.3-inch laptops and it is recommended to wash it with a damp cloth with warm soapy water. Get this cover and enjoy its incredible design. It can also become the perfect gift for a special friend or family.

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The 8 most original technological gadgets for this 2020




gadgets for this 2020

We show you the best technological gadgets to turn your home or that of your relatives into a Smart Home, the smart home for everything!

The gadgets technology are all those devices that complement a function or activity in our daily lives in the most practical way possible. More and more products of this type are invading the electronic market, in which we can find from a mouse for the computer to a smart plug for your home, always adapted to new technologies.

There are several types of gadgets: virtual and augmented reality; specialized in espionage; Smart Watches; video game accessories; to receive advice to help us change our lifestyle; or software with which we can consult information on the internet, such as the weather or the news.

Many of these devices are conditioned to our home, so they make it an intelligent place that is adapted to all our needs. Next, we show you the best gadgets that you can get for yourself or for your loved ones.

Blink XT2 camera

Blink XT2 camera

For complete peace of mind in your home, the Blink XT2 Wireless Camera is one of the best options on this list. It is adapted for indoors and outdoors, with a two-year autonomy and two-way audio. Ensures day and night coverage: record HD video up to 1080p during the day and also at night, thanks to HD infrared night vision. For the installation of this surveillance system, no type of professional assembly is necessary, since it does not require tools or cables.

Omnialux P202A-2 smart plug

Omnialux P202A-2 smart plug

This connector makes electronic devices in your home smart by allowing them to be controlled remotely. It also allows you to program or time the energy consumption of all connected devices and, in addition, it informs you about their energy consumption. Voice control is adapted to Amazon Alexa, your Google assistant, or the free Smart Life app.

Alfort 360º Tripod

Alfort 360º Tripod

The mini tripod from the Alfort brand is one of the best gadgets for photography lovers, adapted to mobile phones, and with universal compatibility. It is made of sponge and plastic, which makes it a lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and non-slip product. It stands out for its multiple functions and 360º rotation, as well as having a remote control of up to ten meters. Thanks to its flexibility, you will be able to bend and rotate it as many times as you need to obtain the most desired angle.

Echo Dot 3rd generation and two Philips bulbs

Echo Dot 3rd generation and two Philips bulbs

The next batch includes a 3rd generation Echo Dot and a set of two Philips Hue White smart bulbs, everything you need to turn your house into a digital home. It has the Alexa operating system integrated, with which you can control the light of the bulbs from a simple installation. Smart bulbs respond to voice control via Bluetooth, just say “Alexa, dim the lights” for the system to respond.

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Amazon Fire TV Stick

Without a doubt, the Amazon Fire TV Stick with Alexa voice control is one of the best-selling products. Control your TV, sound bar, or any other compatible product, with the specific buttons to turn the device on, mute it, and adjust the volume. You can play and control the content with the Alexa voice control, and thus enjoy a greater number of voice functions in streaming players.

Xiaomi Band 4

Xiaomi Band 4

The Xiaomi Band 4 bracelet has a new AMOLED color screen. It not only increases the brightness but also increases the display area by 39.9%. The screen allows the display of call texts and notifications from many applications. In addition, with a single charge, it can last up to 20 days.

Echo Show 5

Another device that connects you to Alexa is the Echo Show 5, which offers quality images on a 5.5-inch screen and surround sound. Its design is ideal for any room and home: set alarms, timers, play lyrics on the screen, etc. Do not miss all the comforts that artificial intelligence is offering to our homes.

6 in 1 adapter

6 in 1 adapter

It has three USB 3.0 ports, a USB-C-PD fast charging port, and a USB-C data transfer port, and another 4K video port that can mirror or extend your screen and stream in HD. Its design allows you to transport it anywhere, it easily adapts to your briefcase, backpack, pocket or hand luggage in your daily use.

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